Exploring Opportunities Around the Globe

For filmmakers, producers, and industry professionals, attending film markets is an essential part of expanding networks, exploring new opportunities, and striking deals. Each year, numerous film markets take place worldwide, offering unique advantages and attracting diverse participants. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the top film markets to consider attending, each with its distinct characteristics and opportunities for industry professionals.

1. Screen Forever:

Screen Forever is a prominent film market held annually in Australia. It serves as an excellent platform for building a local network within the Australian film industry. The event provides opportunities for industry players to connect, collaborate, and gain insights into the local market landscape. Screen Forever offers a focused environment for fostering relationships and exploring partnerships within the Australian film industry.

2. AFM (American Film Market):

AFM is a commercial powerhouse in the film market circuit, attracting participants from around the world. Held in Los Angeles, AFM focuses primarily on commercial deals and industry networking. It offers a robust marketplace for buying, selling, and licensing films, making it an ideal platform for conducting business in the United States. AFM provides a valuable opportunity to engage with industry professionals, distributors, and sales agents from the American film industry.

3. Cannes Marché du Film:

Considered the grand-daddy of all film markets, the Marché du Film is held in conjunction with the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France. It stands as one of the most prestigious and influential markets in the industry, attracting international filmmakers, distributors, sales agents, and investors. The Marché du Film offers an unparalleled platform for networking, deal-making, and showcasing projects to a global audience. It presents immense opportunities for international collaborations and exposure, making it a must-attend event for industry professionals.

4. TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival):

TIFF is a renowned film festival and market held in Toronto, Canada. It has evolved into a significant platform for film premieres, industry networking, and deal-making. TIFF attracts a diverse range of industry professionals, including filmmakers, distributors, sales agents, and financiers from around the world. The market offers a valuable opportunity to showcase films, engage in industry discussions, and explore international collaborations. TIFF’s focus on both artistic quality and commercial viability makes it a compelling event for industry professionals seeking global exposure.

5. 37ºSouth (Melbourne International Film Festival):

37ºSouth is an industry-focused program within the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) in Australia. It offers a range of initiatives, including networking events, pitching sessions, and industry seminars. 37ºSouth serves as a valuable platform for connecting with local and international industry players, exploring co-production opportunities, and gaining insights into the Australian and Asia-Pacific markets.