Show me the Money

When it comes to following the money in the film industry, it’s hard not to think about the classic line from the movie “Goodfellas”: “Money doesn’t just talk, it screams.” But as the film industry continues to evolve, the screams are getting louder and harder to ignore.

Once upon a time, the film industry was all about the big screens, the blockbuster movies, and the theatrical release. But just like the TV industry, the video industry, and the record industry before it, the film industry is now facing a major shift as the audience moves away from traditional cinema and towards streaming and online platforms.

The global pandemic has certainly accelerated this shift, with more and more people opting to stay at home and stream their favorite movies and TV shows. This has led to a fragmentation of the audience, as they move away from the big streaming services like Netflix and Amazon and towards more specialized platforms like Shudder (for horror fans) and streaming services that focus on a specific genre or group such as niche-based platforms.

But it’s not just about streaming. The audience is also moving towards online platforms like YouTube and the apps associated with TV manufacturing brands like Samsung, Hisense, and Visio. And as the audience goes, their money goes. This is why the film industry is struggling to catch its breath and figure out how to re-adjust its funding model to reflect these changes.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for the film industry. In fact, this shift towards streaming and online platforms presents a huge opportunity for independent filmmakers and niche content creators. With the big studios focusing on tentpole releases, there’s more room for smaller, more creative projects to shine. And for the film writers, directors and producers, there are several techniques to take advantage of these industry trends to fund their film projects such as:

Money Talks

  • Crowdfunding: This is a way of raising money from a large number of people through the internet. This method allows independent filmmakers to get their films funded by their fans.
  • Film Festivals: Film festivals provide an opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their films to a wider audience and attract potential investors.
  • Online Distribution: With the rise of streaming services and VOD platforms, independent filmmakers can now distribute their films online and reach a global audience.
  • Government grants and subsidies: Many countries have government grants and subsidies available for filmmakers, which can provide funding for film projects.
  • Film investment funds: Film investment funds are created to invest in films, providing funding for filmmakers in return for a share of the profits.
  • Partnerships and co-production: This can be with another studio or production company to share the costs and risks of producing a film.

In conclusion, the film industry is going through a big shift, and following the money is leading us towards the streaming and online platforms and with that the need to adjust the funding model for movies is crucial to keep the industry alive and kicking. But the change is also bringing opportunities for independent filmmakers to excel in their niche and bring fresh new content.