The Big Boat Adventure.

The Big Boat Adventure is a TV show produced for YouTube, with intentions of moving beyond in the future. On the Big Boat Adventure, Tim gets to explore one of his personal emerging passions, which is playing with boats.

What’s the gold here? Celebrity! Tim invites interesting people aboard for chocolate and conversation. Movement! What better place for an informal interview that a big, beautiful boat—which brings us to the beautiful locations. No studio backdrop, no matter how gorgeous, can match the scene of a boat, whether in harbour or out to sea, with the ever-changing views of sky, sea, city-scapes, or even rainforest. The sky really is the limit.

There’s also plenty of fun. In relaxed and beautiful locations, conversation sparkles, wit gleams and anecdotes tumble. Then of course, there’s fantasy. We can’t all have a big boat adventure in our lives, but we can all get to share it virtually.