Body + mind

House of Beauty is more than a show—it’s a transformative journey. Hosted by the empathic and pioneering Dr. Shawna Kleban, we take viewers into the intimate process of cosmetic surgery and emotional transformation.

This is not merely about incisions and sutures; it’s about dissecting the layers of self-perception, societal norms and innermost aspirations.

In the Beginning

In a chance encounter aboard a ferry at the Cannes Film Market, experienced Producer/Director Tim Levy of Resonant Blue Studios met Dr. Shawna, setting the stage for a remarkable collaboration.

The series pilot is now in production, with a Q1 / Q2 completion expected.

House of Beauty combines real-life transformations and expert opinions with both clinical detail and genuine human stories.
From the emotionally rich narratives of patients to the raw visuals of surgical procedures, this groundbreaking docu-reality series aims to educate, inspire and entertain.

An Opportunity

We’re actively seeking partners, collaborators, distributors, sales agents, financiers, as well as streaming platforms and broadcasters.
We believe that your participation can not only amplify the impact of our series but also create unique opportunities for cross-promotion, brand development and community engagement.

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