Living your best
Gluten Free Life.

GFCTV is an engaging and informative cooking show offering a comprehensive guide to gluten-free cooking, travel and lifestyle.

With a mix of recipe demonstrations, product reviews, interviews with experts, and exploration of gluten-free dining options, each episode spans approximately 30 minutes, providing valuable insights, tips, and inspiration for the gluten-free community.

The Story So Far

Led by Beth Maclean, a passionate writer, director, and host, the show has garnered significant attention, with the first season attracting over 30,000 viewers in its debut week on Roku.

Building upon our initial success and the enduring interest in the show, we have shot a next-level pilot for the second season.

A Positive Impact

Our goal is to maximize our reach, ensuring that GFCTV becomes a trusted source for gluten-free cooking and travel information while making a positive impact in the lives of viewers through engaging and useful content that addresses the needs of the gluten-free community.

Partnership Opportunities

We are seeking partnerships with distributors, sales agents, streamers, broadcasters, cable channels, and industry associations to expand our reach and strengthen our presence.

Additionally, we welcome collaborations with celebrity chefs, restaurateurs, actors, singers, athletes, and influencers for potential partnerships in Season 02, enriching the show’s appeal and audience engagement.

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