Evalis, has been the trigger-puller for Sgt. Bass, a dirty Oakland cop, against witnesses of police brutality, while Kayla, is forced into sex work at Sgt. Bass’s unofficial brothel. Sgt. Bass busts and robs drug dealers, which he obligates Evalis and Kayla to sell for him, but his plan to cover his trail hits a snag when Kayla and Evalis turn the tables with the help of the FBI.

Compromising sexual and business relationships undermine official action, except for one Latina detective who is investigating Sgt. Bass with the Oakland Police Chief’s quiet support, as well as one Black female prosecutor who is related to the biggest local dealer and having a love affair with an FBI agent. Because Sgt. Bass is also blackmailing the local federal judge, only the FBI can help Kayla and Evalis, but they must betray their community and face reprisals from local gangs.

For Kayla and Evalis, there’s no way to go but forward, even if it means going into the mouth of a corrupt justice system.

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