Philip Stallworth is President and Managing Partner of Stallworth Sports Agency, (SSA) and he’s a man’s man, which is why his company has been so successful.

However, SSA recently came under investigation when phone records have shown Stallworth making calls to high school and college players. Further investigation reveals Stallworth solicitated prostitutes for some players, meaning he and his company are in deep trouble.

So, Melissa Stallworth, Phillip’s daughter, tries to salvage the company. Against all odds, she is determined to keep SSA afloat until her father is released from prison, trying desperately to convince his clients to bear with the company through the PR nightmare.

Melissa faces an uphill battle because no one takes her seriously, even though she’s her father’s daughter. Only Carl Dwyer, a promising basketball player often benched on the 3rd string, agrees to sign on with SSA. Melissa must learn to fight her past as well as her father and keep thigs afloat.

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