A Must See Drama

Acting Counsel is a feel-good story of redemption, intrigue and the triumph of justice in the face of overwhelming odds. It takes place at the intersection of theatre, drama and the remaining days of a death row inmate. It is a dramatic story focused on the emotional journey of a lawyer as he works to free a young man from death row, with the unexpected help of a legendary actor and stage performer in his later days.

The project already has an established crew attached including a multi-awarding winning director, DOP and writer –

  • Scott Cervine, director
  • Ryan Brown, DOP
  • Cythia Whitcomb, writer

The project also has strong interest from talented actors, waiting to get on board as we secure financing. With dozens of significant awards between them, this extraordinary team is working to bring this feature to screen.

Now is the time for heart-warming movies. Now is the time to bring a little healing to the world through inspirational stories. Acting Counsel gives today’s audiences exactly what they long for.

We are currently seeking investors, sponsors, partners and collaborators who share our mission to bring positive, uplifting content to the silver screen.

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