Lights, Camera …  Change!

It’s a rainy day, so you pick up the newspaper and browse through the listings in search of a worthwhile film to see at the cinema with your friends. Or maybe, that’s too much effort and a bingeworthy TV series is good enough on your ultra-large flatscreen.

You flop onto the couch and start clicking, snacks at your side.

At the end of the show, popcorn smell lingering in the room, you feel different. You might not be able to say why but something has changed.

You feel uplifted. Inspired. Life is better than it was 90 minutes ago. Warmer. More hopeful.

And that’s what we do. We make the films, television and web series that change you for the better. That’s our clear intention.

Short Films, Feature Films and Television

After thirty years of experience in television and corporate video production, Resonant Blue Studios was formed to explore the realm of live-action original short films, television and feature films.

To begin, we’re focusing on short-form narratives and online distribution with an eye on festival submission. The next 6-12 months will see the production of multiple short films exploring comedy, drama, action, and visual effects of increasing length and complexity.

As we continue to grow, our intention is to move into longer form production. With that in mind, we’re already in development on a variety of feature film scripts. We’re also developing concepts for television in the comedy, action, drama and documentary worlds.