Getting It Made

Bringing a movie or television project to market is a tricky thing. You need every possible resource from posters to pitch books, from trailers to social media momentum. And then, you need to take your project to market internationally, finding the distributors, sales agents, investors and funding. It’s a lot!

That’s where we come in, bringing you advice and support at all of these levels. With that in mind, here are the bones our Getting It Made packages. It’s worth noting that we work with each client on their own specific terms, so these parameters certainly change as the creative process unfolds.

The Basics

  • Movie Poster (one round)
  • Pitch Book (basic)
  • Web Site (single page)

The Momentum

  • Movie Poster (two rounds)
  • Pitch Book (advanced)
  • Web Site (multi-page)
  • Teaser Trailer (~1 mins)
  • Social Media (YouTube 20k)

The Market

  • Movie Poster (three rounds)
  • Pitch Book (advanced)
  • Web Site (multi-page)
  • Teaser Trailer (~2-3 mins)
  • Social Media (YouTube 50k, FB 10k)
  • Fund raising @ Market
  • (Screen Forever, Cannes, AFM)

Getting It Seen.

Once your film is funded, the other half of the conversation is getting is seen. After all, it doesn’t do much good sitting in a draw. Or, worse yet, released at a cinema / on a streaming service or broadcast network and being lost in the noise.

With that in mind, we like to start when production starts, gathering all the material we need to build massive audiences. We typically build large scale followings on social media platforms from Facebook to Insta, from YouTube to Pinterest that create a pathway from the film to the viewer. From there, it’s all about creating launch momentum synchonised by date and location with cinema / streaming and broadcast release.

For this, we don’t have packages; we have partnerships. If that sounds like your cup of tea, let’s talk.