Working with Tim Levy at Resonant Blue is a dream come true. There are over 8 billion people on the planet, and I have found the perfect (studio, person) for my (TV cooking) project. Tim Levy has a genuine drive to work on projects that matter. Tim combines over 25 years of industry expertise and marketing genius with a dynamic work ethic which produces phenomenal results. Tim Levy and Resonant Blue are a powerhouse team that will elevate any project to extraordinary.

Beth MacLean, Gluten Free Cooking TV

Tim Levy is that rare Film Producer that is unstoppable on all fronts. When he meets an obstacle that would slow most to a halt, he uses it as fuel to forge a new way forward that most wouldn’t even be able to see…much less execute on.  And while he may remind you of some of the very best Producers from the past, his energy and insight is a thousand miles ahead of the pack in all areas of Production.

Scott Cervine, Director, Movies from the Heart

Tim Levy is an absolute asset to any film project. As an EP he is unbeatable. He structured my film project in a very short time and led the team through all the turmoil with his clear, humorous manner. Through him I can say: we broke the record and only took one year from the script to the finished film and worldwide distribution. He is a must have for every project!!

Karen Sailer, Wild Hearts Dreams

Being at the beginning of my film career, Tim Levy has been instrumental in bringing me closer to market with my first feature, an action thriller in an international setting. What sets him apart from other players in his domain is his productivity as well as his deep knowledge the film industry. In my current project, he not only acts as a service provider, but as a mastermind for solving all marketing issues that have to be addressed when getting a film to market. I can truly say that he has saved me at least five years of getting ahead in the film business.

Andreas Grieshaber, Other Side Images Film GmbH

Tim has exceeded my expectations regarding marketing. His hard work and attention to detail has been a true blessing.  I’ve learned so much from him and look forward to our continuing partnership.

Derrick Dawson, Walnut Street Entertainment