This is a casting call for leads, featured extras and extras for a short film comedy / drama entitled ‘Touched’. The casting sessions are to be held in Newcastle, NSW over the weekend of June 5th. Would you like to be involved?

The Story

While Charlie’s life seems a blessing to most, it feels like a curse to her. Unable to hold down a regular job, she is forced to move from one to the next to pay the rent. What if, however, something amazing and unusual happened to change her astonishing condition? There’s always another way, always a different approach. After all, not everyone is .. touched.

After all, not everyone is .. touched.

The Crew

This production is going to be directed and produced by Tim Levy. The rest of the team and our other productions are online at Resonant Blue Studios (www.resonant.blue), on Facebook and IMDB. We’ve been working in production for decades and this is our chance to cut loose with creative projects of our own. Sound familiar?!

The Intention

This short is being made for wide distribution via broadcast channels, festivals and online. We have a special magic on YouTube so get ready for certainly thousands, definitely tens of thousands and hopefully even hundreds of thousands of views.

The Roles

Here is a list of available roles –

  • Charlie: 20-30s female. Uncomfortable in her own skin, yet determined, and has learned to cope with life with the help of her unique sense of humour.  Must have physical ability to play the role and a great range of facial expressions.
  • Indie: 20-30s female. Straight shooter, confident, calls it as she sees it. We are looking for someone who can deliver lines with a dry sense of humour.
  • Celeste: 30+ female. Clear, confident, knows exactly who she is. She has a GRAVITY and strength with a quiet but powerful presence.
  • Joan: 50+ female. Her life has been a little dry in certain ways but now she’s hoping to meet a miracle and find what she’s been missing.
  • Café Manager: A good man under pressure; he’s trying to help but is trapped by circumstance.

We are also looking to fill the roles of café staff / patrons (extras).

The Numbers

This is currently a volunteer project. In time, as we build our short film portfolio and move into feature projects, we trust this will change. In the meantime, we will be catering all of our shoots and offering credits on IMDB for lead and featured roles.