Resonant Blue Studios makes meaningful film, television and documentary series that move people through action, romance, comedy and drama.

A Moment of

It’s a rainy day, so you pick up the newspaper and browse through the listings in search of a worthwhile film to see at the cinema with your friends. Or perhaps, time at home with a binge-worthy series would be better, enjoying your ultra-large flatscreen TV.

You flop onto the couch and start clicking, snacks at your side. At the end of the show, the smell of popcorn lingering in the room, you feel different. You might not be able to say why, but something has changed.

You feel uplifted. Inspired. Life is better than it was 90 minutes ago. Warmer. More hopeful.

And that’s what we do. We make the films, television and documentary series that change you for the better.

… Tim Levy and Resonant Blue are a powerhouse team that will elevate any project to extraordinary …

Beth MacLean, Gluten Free Cooking TV

… Tim Levy is that rare Film Producer that is unstoppable on all fronts …

Scott Cervine, Director, Movies from the Heart

… As an EP he is unbeatable. He is a must have for every project!! …

Karen Sailer, Wild Hearts Dreams

What sets him apart from other players in his domain is his productivity as well as his deep knowledge the film industry …

Andreas Grieshaber, Other Side Images Film GmbH

His hard work and attention to detail has been a true blessing ..

Derrick Dawson, Walnut Street Entertainment

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